Carti care nu au fost scrise

Date July 2, 2013 (07:33)

Sunt titluri de carti care nu au fost scrise, si suna foarte bine in limba engleza, nici nu voi incerca sa le traduc:

Under the Bleachers by Seymour Butts

Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover

The Complete Proctologist’s Handbook by Ben Dover

The Joys of Drinking by Al Coholic

My Life with Igor by Frank N. Stein

Supporting Athletes by Jacques Strappe

Things That Itch by Mike Rotch

I Was Prepared by Justin Case

Small Treasures in the Toilet Bowl by I.P. Nickels

Practical proctology by Bea Hind

The future of robotics by Cy Borg and Anne Droid

What to do if you’re in a car accident by Rhea Ender

How Things Work by Wyatt Dunne

Breathing Lessons by Hal E. Tosis

Why Should I Walk? by Iona Carr

Deep in Debt by Owen A. Lott

Taking a Test by B.A. Wiseman

Computer Memory by Meg A. Byte

Gotta Go by C. U. Later

How to Serve Your Fellow Man by The Cannibals

Can’t Go There by Hans Off

Checking Your Homework by R.U. Wright

The Giant Clock Tower by “Big” Ben

Boy Scout Brigade by Pat Troll

Al Gore: The Wild Years

Staple Your Way to Success

The Amish Phone Book

Things I Wouldn’t Do for Money by Dennis Rodman

Human Rights Advances in China

Things I Can’t Afford by Bill Gates

Things I Love About Bill by Hillary Clinton

Usages for Plutonium in the kitchen

The Day Hitler Ruined My Barmitsva by Ima Jew

Three Hundred And Twelve Ways To Die By Household Appliance by Sue I. Cide

Household Book of Tools by M.C. Hammer

How to Project Your Voice by Milli Vanilli
Technology in the 21st century by Rob Ott

A Hitchiker’s Guide To Not Getting Killed by Ren Tacar

Things Women Can’t Do by B. A. Mann

I Must Go Again by D. I. Aria

Interesting Places Around The World by Ben There & Don That

Pop Goes the Hamster and Other Great Microwave Games

Paris Monuments by I. Phil Taurer

Text Editing by E. Max and Vi

The Sheets Are Wet by I.P. Nightly

Where’s My Stuff by I. Ben Robbed

Ma intreb in limba romana ce echivalente gasim…

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