Remember George Carlin

Date September 7th, 2008 (10:35)

George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) un mare comediant american

” I look at it this way… For centuries now, man has done everything he can to destroy, defile, and interfere with nature: clear-cutting forests, strip-mining mountains, poisoning the atmosphere, over-fishing the oceans, polluting the rivers and lakes, destroying wetlands and aquifers… so when nature strikes back, and smacks him on the head and kicks him in the nuts, I enjoy that. I have absolutely no sympathy for human beings whatsoever. None. And no matter what kind of problem humans are facing, whether it’s natural or man-made, I always hope it gets worse. “

Dupa aceste cuvinte Carlin s-a ghidat in viata, numai respect

A fost tinut minte pentru umorul negru. Pacat ca astfel de oameni trebuie sa “se duca”, totusi nu va fi uitat niciodata. Va ramane in mintile si amintirile tuturor pentru ridicarea comediei negre la rand de arta.
Multumesc George Carlin pentru toate momentele cand m-ai inveselit

Cu ajutorul Youtube ne amintim ultimul sau mare spectacol : It’s Bad for Ya!

George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 1/7

George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 2/7

George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 3/7

George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 4/7

George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 5/7

George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 6/7
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George Carlin – It’s Bad for Ya – 2008 HBO Special Part 7/7

Vizualizati mai multe spectacole pe youtube aici

Mai multe despre viata acestui artist pe wikipedia

George Carlin discography

Date of release Title Record Label
1963 Burns and Carlin at the Playboy Club Tonight ERA Records
1967 Take-Offs and Put-Ons One Way Records
January 27, 1972 FM & AM Eardrum Records
September 29, 1972 Class Clown Little David/Atlantic
October 1973 Occupation: Foole Little David
November 1974 Toledo Window Box Little David
October 1975 An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo Little David
April 1977 On the Road Little David/Atlantic
December 1, 1978 Indecent Exposure: Some of the Best of George Carlin Little David
November 1981 A Place for My Stuff Atlantic
1984 Carlin on Campus Atlantic
July 30, 1986 Playin’ with Your Head Atlantic
August 15, 1988 What Am I Doing In New Jersey? Atlantic
November 20, 1990 Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics Atlantic
November 10, 1992 Jammin’ in New York Atlantic
October 27, 1992 Classic Gold Atlantic
April 10, 1995 Killer Carlin Uproar Entertainment
September 17, 1996 Back in Town Atlantic
May 14, 1999 You Are All Diseased Eardrum
October 19, 1999 The Little David Years (1971-1977) Atlantic
December 11, 2001 Complaints and Grievances Eardrum/Atlantic
March 12, 2002 George Carlin on Comedy
January 10, 2006 Life Is Worth Losing Eardrum/Atlantic
November 27, 2007 More Napalm & Silly Putty Highbridge Audio
July 29, 2008 It’s Bad for Ya Eardrum/Atlantic


Year Movie
1968 With Six You Get Eggroll
1976 Car Wash
1979 Americathon
1987 Outrageous Fortune
1989 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
1990 Working Trash
1991 Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
The Prince of Tides
1999 Dogma
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
2003 Scary Movie 3
2004 Jersey Girl
2005 Tarzan II
The Aristocrats
2006 Cars
2007 Happily N’Ever After


HBO Specials

Special Year
George Carlin at USC 1977
George Carlin: Again! 1978
Carlin at Carnegie 1982
Carlin on Campus 1984
Playin’ with Your Head 1986
What Am I Doing in New Jersey? 1988
Doin’ It Again 1990
Jammin’ in New York 1992
Back in Town 1996
George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy 1997
You Are All Diseased 1999
Complaints and Grievances 2001
Life Is Worth Losing 2005
It’s Bad for Ya! 2008


Spectacolul meu preferat este :
George Carlin – Religion is bullshit.

Comedie bazata pe realism si adevar
Ascultati cuvintele si analizati 🙂

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